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Unhappy I am going to be getting my ass kicked on Friday

So I been helping train some of the guys at my local gym....but i don't really do much training on my own. I have been sparring...and looking good in sparring..but its been against a 13 year old 120 pounder (he does have allot of fights) and a 20 year old 165 pound kid who has been boxing on and off for two years but no fights (he has been boxing straight for 3 months). Also I do some sparring with some mma guys, and do well at that.

Well, Jeremiah Witherspoon has decided to part with Altoona Boxing and fight for Johnstown. We have a pro, Andres Taylor who he will spar most times (who normally trains in Pittsburgh with Tom Yanknello and Roy Jones and the fighters out that way)...but on Friday he is coming out and sparring in Johnstown, and Andres won't be here. He has been trying to get back on the right track, and my trainer told him I would give him good work . Again I aint really been doing any real training...mind you at my best i could give good work to good fighters (use to spar some pros, Andres, Tommy Wilt, Weldon Branche, Carl Sullivan) and do ok with them, and some good open class gold gloves fighters of various sizes...but i have a feeling i am going to get wrecked on Friday (unless he sees early that my timing is **** and takes it easy on me, I would like to actually give him useful work however, I think the head trainer thinks I will/can).

here he is fighting..its a loss for him.....I see some things I want to do in sparring "against" him, based on this...but anyone who has any suggestions, i will listen.

Since he has a fight in 4 weeks i am going to try to go pretty hard in sparring (something I haven't done in a while....what with sparring younger kids or fighters who i have a weight advantage on). I expect him to go pretty hard as well, with him getting ready for a fight and my trainer telling him I can give him good work...


I am going to try to get the sparring session filmed and post it up here.
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