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Default Re: Daniel Geale vs. Sam Soliman

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Hey Bent Dribbla, you ask me questions then tell me not to "stalk" you and you never got back to me on this one either:

If boxing is about money, and holding one of the big 3's belts is how you make money out of boxing, what else can Geale do but face his mandatory in Soliman? What do you suggest he does - vacate his belt and start all over again? You go on about it being a business yet you're anti-Geale vs Soliman

How dumb are you mate?

As others have already said here, enough people will tune in to make it worthwhile, especially if they ensure a good undercard.

You're just a whiny Mundine nuthugger who can't say a good word about anyone else because you're terrified the attention will shift from Choc and he becomes even more irrelevant than he already is.
Honestly your so dry its not even fun to have a argument with you lol ..I read your first line and yawnnn bro more research? ****ing relllaxxxx man its a boxing forum not your social life (even though seems like it is yours) enough of you - be gone pezent
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