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Default Re: Which Aussie has fought the most World Champs

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
I disagree...I think those of Australian (which logically includes Aboriginals) background should only be considered..

That would have the effect of disqualifying Fenech from this thread as his backround is not Australian, Fenech is obviously a Maltese name for a man of Maltese background, **** he doesn't even look Australian but Maltese or some Italian type of ethnic... irrespective of his Australian 'citizenship'.

Obviously Les Darcy, Lionel Rose, T. Mundine, Hec Thompson, Ellis all qualify, but Darchiniyian (Armenian), Tzsyu (Russian), Ndou (South African), Fenech (Maltese), Mattioli (italian), Meehan (Kiwi/Islander), all the various lebo's (Hussein's, Hamden etc) and Bugner (Hungarian) don't.
Les Darcy was Irish background and the Irish are just white wogs anyway so i think only those who were on the first fleet or before should count
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