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Default Re: Las Vegas Mayweather fight advice?

Originally Posted by BoxerGaz View Post
Mate i was in your position this time last year. I booked up for 9 days in Vegas for the Mayweather Cotto fight. Vegas is amazing bro its truly another world out there. I wish i had the money to go again this year! im gettinf depressed now haha!

Im not a drinker or a gambler and even I had fun mate there is so much to do out there. from shows to driving Ferrari and flying over the canyon.

I took 1600 us dollars with me and spent every penny. however i done alot of tings out there mate, including flying over the canyon driving a Ferrari machine gun experience 5 shows and all the rest on top and thats with abit of gambling on the slots!

with reference to tickets check on the website but to be fair my mate got them from ebay and i just met him out there and gave him the money for them!!

its a good crack mate you will love it! just getting around all the hotels will take you a week have fun and enjoy bro!

cheers mate

im putting the graft in overtime to make sure i dont have to scrimp when in vegas.

how much roughly you reckon tickets will be? with canelo on undercard the tickets wil be in even greater demand.

anything that you would recommend doing?
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