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Default Re: John Wayne Parr comeback is official

Originally Posted by The Jackal View Post
It's all changed a little since JWP signed a 3 fight contract with Powerplay.
There was a promotional poster with Toby Smith fighting on the next PP show at Moonee Valley.
State netball and hockey center is a massive venue compared to MV and you might need a greek superstar to put bums on seats.
I saw JWP vs Yod at MV for a world title in between the 2 Zambo fights.
I was also at their first fight at the hockey center and think its one of the best ringside venues Melbourne has to offer.
Things have come a long way since Festival Hall was the best venue Melbourne could serve up.

Kind of funny Ringo Starr is playing there at the moment when there are much bigger and better venues available - perhaps it's a nostalgia trip for him from his Beatles days?
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