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Default Re: Robert Guerrero showed to make a fight happen

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
Wasn't it Team Pac that said they would fight Sergio if he came down to 150? He initially rejected it but eventually agreed and called out Pacquiao for a fight at 150. Team Pac never responded and suddenly don't remember making such claim even though there's video evidence of Pac stating he'd fight ANYONE at 150 or below. I don't even think of it as ducking by either Floyd or Pac. Beating a super drained 37 yr old means nothing. It wouldn't serve any real value to either Pac or Floyd's resume.
Precisely - I can't blame Floyd or Pacquiao. Floyd will never fight him, Floyd doesn't take risks but in the case of Sergio, why should he? If Sergio came to 154 and settled in there it's a different story as it creates a different kind of pressure. As for the Pacquiao fight, Pacquiao said 150 but as you say - fighting a guy who brings in no money who drains to 10lb is lose-lose situation

It's a non-starter - there's a couple of big fights at 160 Sergio is ducking so maybe he should clean up there first
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