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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Originally Posted by rooq
congrats amterdam

very sad but the first thought after that punch landed was "****, amsterdam's gonna have a field day with this!"

although khan went down, i'm actually kind of glad he still didn't lose, just because it means there'll be at least another 5 shows on ITV, and there might be the odd half-decent undercard.

well done limond though for almost getting the job done.
No Rooq, congratulations to you mate, you started to see through this bull**** and now fully see it. Exactly, Limond is a limited, light punching fighter but he gave it his all to destroy a hype job with far superior physical ability than he, this demands respect from me.

And to add how I fully respect combatants -

Under my belief system, all fighters who devote the majority of their prime income years to any combat sport, they recieve a special pension that will have them economically secure for the rest of their lives.

Obviously this doesn't include millionare frauds like Khan and Fraudley who are already set, but it includes guys like Peter Buckley even and Baz Carey and our guy Willie Limond. They all get taken care of for their dedication to a very tough sport.

But I have no respect for fighters eh?
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