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Default Re: UFC release 16 fighters... FITCH IS GONE!!!

Originally Posted by the_bigunit View Post
That's stupid. This isn't 2005, there aren't just 7 events a year.

Plus, you state there's "too many fighters," like you could ****ing tell us what the right amount is.

There is no right amount but the likelihood of fighting 3 times a year for all those fighters just isnt reality, it would be different if the UFC had a minor league version.

Ive been reading this same discussion on Sherdog so this bloated roster isnt just my idea. Surely it would be better for some of these fighters to get their names out there moreso in smaller orgs. Firstly it also puts the much needed pressure on fighters who intend to coast through fights playing it safe to actually do something. Dont forget that the UFC is in the business of selling PPV's & some fighters just arent bringing it. I believe that we are going to start seeing more fighers from Eastern Europe and the Caucaus regions in the UFC soon. So this axing ties in with that.

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