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Default Re: How does Burns/Broner go now then?

Originally Posted by TFFP View Post
What weaknesses were these exactly? That Rees can throw combinations and land the odd half shot? So what, Rees isn't a complete mug, that's what he's good at, being deceptively quick offensively. He'd do the exact same thing with Ricky except last 12 rounds. Broner knew he had nothing and took chances. The exact same problem Rees has is also a problem Burns as, these kids really have no power against Broner. Nothing, if people think Burns bothers Broner in the slightest with his punches they're in for a rude awakening.

If Ricky Burns can't completely get Roman Martinez under control how on earth do they think he throws 1-2's all night down the pipe with the odd left-hook to the body and that's going to confuse Broner apparently and stop his march forward? Give me a break, it just ain't happening!
Go and watch the Martinez fight then Ricky's last 2fights and see the improvement,totally different fighter,against Martinez you had a world class puncher so you needed tactics to stop him throwing those bombs and Ricky done just that, the tactic side of boxing you havent a clue mate
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