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Default Re: Chauncy Welliver v Rohit Singh - April 19

Some background on "Nohit":

All of his fights on Boxrec have been fixed fights against friends/family, or completely falsified. Examples below (these are some of the most blatantly fixed fights you will ever see

The Maruf Ali fight (the funniest of the lot, 0:50 onwards )

The Anmol Tiger fight (4:25 onwards, why the **** is he allowed to wear a T-shirt?! )

Some chap named Alex (1:55 onwards)

Patrick Wise:

His most recent fight in Thailand (because promoters in Aus/NZ don't fall for his lies and tricks any more):

He is only 6-0 on Boxrec, but claims to be 24-0 with 24 KOs. Check out these threads, his lies and falsified "record" exposed :

In short, Chauncy by first-round stoppage, this guy is a bum.
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