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Originally Posted by RelentlessTC View Post
When it comes down to the brass tacks I want to have the mental ability to control my emotions, stay focused but extremely aggressive .

As for what I think should be running through my mind I'm not sure ... First time I got in the ring I had nothing I my head and I had the **** kicked out of me .. Second time .. I kept telling myself to relax and stay focused . I did better but no where near it needed to be .
To condition your mind, you have to train it, just like your body. When you are shadowboxing, or in front of the mirror, you need to be running through scenarios in your mind: "He leads a straight left, I catch it, pivot left and jab" You do the same thing when you hit the heavy bag; you talk yourself through the punch he throws, your defensive reaction, your counter, how you get out (or change angles to keep punching). This is how you train your mind to keep focused; you don't let it wander when you are training. (this, incidentally, is the big reason why I don't like a guy jumping rope in the gym. The mind wanders.)
If you prepare yourself this way, once the bell rings your mind will do what it has been conditioned to do. You'll be focused on things that matter; what is he trying to do to me, and how can I use that to my advantage.
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