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Default Re: UFC release 16 fighters... FITCH IS GONE!!!

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Plain and simple its just a business decision, Fitch will hammer the majority of UFC up and comers and the UFC team will be looking for good guys to keep from him knowing that he himself isnt good enough to beat GSP, plus he's been knocked out cold and looked ****e last time out.

I dont endorse the decision im just saying its a business decison, it stinks all the same but it is what it is i suppose.

The UFC releasing guys like Fitch, Etim, Prado who have at times looked sensational and are fairly well known will just help Bellator and other organisations,its a good thing, and it was bound to happen, the roster at the UFC / ZUFFA is huge, too big for them to manage, so people have got to go!

Read through the eintire report, it states the UFC will have to release 100 fighters in 2013!
But thats Zuffa's fault. They've been very aggressive in their acquisition of talent and rival organisations which leaves fighters with little choice. These fighters don't have a great deal of options outside of the UFC now. And even if they end up in Bellator at some point Dana/UFC will view Bellator as a threat and we'll see the same merrigoround since the UFC first acquired WFA and the WEC.
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