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Default Re: If Ricky Burns beat Miguel Vasquez and Adrien Broner...

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I understand what your saying, and don't you think I thought of that before letting it out? It may just be the work of rival promotion, but when the lord and savior is coming out saying it, I mean how can you not believe Eddie Hearn?

Its feasible to me anyhow, that that could well be the case, Ricky and team might think he is worth top dollar, and if team Broner didnt pay it, then no fight. The fact is Ricky said that he turned it down again, because 5 weeks wasnt enough..........but it seems the fight would have gone ahead had Team Broner paid the fee Team Burns wanted.
I think they mentioned some quite toppy figures of what they'd fight for and also wanted it after tax, I don't think that's why the fight didn't happen though maybe a contributory factor but obv they had designs on getting Vazquez over here first.
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