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Default Re: who's fault is it

Originally Posted by Celtic Warrior View Post
Any of your boxers that have decided to fight and have prepared themselves for a bout should be commended. I've seen many a person down the gym pull out of fights for bull**** reasons or simply not have the bottle to enter the ring.

If I fighter doesn't prepare properly or doesn't take a fight seriously, then yes you can be angry.

If someone turns up on fight night after working hard, but perhaps nerves, fear or just the whole occasion gets them and they perform poorly they deserve your guidance and support, not your ridicule.
Exactly, you can't use a cookie cutter approach for all fighters. Just realise that there are wins and losses and that some fighters perform better under pressure than others. You have to weigh that as an option too.

I am more concerned that as a coach, you are looking at this from the perspective of a single fight, rather than a progression over a number of fights. Wins are good, but you have to look at overall growth & progress.
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