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Default Re: Anthony Joshua wins MBE

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
you clearly haven't done this. youve made up your mind and you will hate on Joshua no matter what he does.

if the only positive you can see about Joshua is his size, you obviously know **** all about boxing.

whether he won those fights or not, he wasn't stopped or outclassed against the best amateurs in the world after putting on the gloves 3 years ago. so he has already competed with, beaten or lost close decisions to the very best. so whats the purpose of staying amateur for 3 years (so he wont go to the 2016 Olympics....your a ****ing re****) to refight those guys?

you say he is not ready to be compete as a pro. so why not give him those 20-25 learning fights? as long as he is not fighting total bums whats the issue with him learning his trade in 6-8 rounders for 3 years before making a serious push?
And you do?

You obviously dont get me yet do you?

Don't get your knickers in a twist because your in love with Anthony Joshua, it doesnt mean everybody else has to be. The Oympics was a fix, I'll wait and see what happens when he reaches the pro ranks thank you.

Audley Harrison won gold once upon a time.

At this moment in time, I believe Anthony Joshua has all the gear, but no idea. Thats not to say he cant improve and have an idea.

I'll be happy if he succeeds! And I won't be bashing him until we see what he can do at Pro level.

Now tell me and the world Jonsey, why the f*ck you know about boxing? Because many people on here just think you are a smart **** **** who thinks he knows it all.
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