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Default Re: UFC release 16 fighters... FITCH IS GONE!!!

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
But thats Zuffa's fault. They've been very aggressive in their acquisition of talent and rival organisations which leaves fighters with little choice. These fighters don't have a great deal of options outside of the UFC now. And even if they end up in Bellator at some point Dana/UFC will view Bellator as a threat and we'll see the same merrigoround since the UFC first acquired WFA and the WEC.

Key difference being Bellators foundations are in, TV coverage, growing roster etc, if the UFC acquire Bellator it will be wasted capital, as the only viable option will be to run in into the ground.

Strikeforce can blame its demise on both Zuffa / UFC and itself! they didnt have the depth, all assumptions were based on growth, how can you grow if a parent company buys you and milks you of your talent with little regard?

Bellator has a deeper roster of guys, and there getting stronger, its within their interest to invest in growth! until ofcourse the big guys come in with their cheque books!

Time will tell ......................................
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