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Default the problem with british boxers...

Öis the "traditional route". I donít think this works at all Ė it may provide exciting domestic match-ups and is fine for the boxers who will never amount to anything beyond the domestic scene, but in most cases is does not in any way prepare a fighter for a world title.

With the traditional route, the fighter is expected to work his way up the area, english / celtic, british, commonwealth and then european ranks before getting the chance to fight for a world title.

Unfortunately the fighter is kept so busy fighting other boxers from the same domestic niche with more-or-less the same styles that they never get the chance to experience fighting decent opposition from the americas. And like it or not, boxers from the americas dominate world boxing at almost every weight (obviously the HWs and SMWs being two notable exceptions) and have a different style to their european counterparts.

Nicky Cooks disasterous world title match-up is a prime example. He showed a lot of heart but just couldnít live with a boxer who to us looked magnificent, but in the states is regarded as skillful but fringe-world level at best

What we need to do is get our boxers over to the states for at least 3 months a year when they are still prospects and get them working with experienced coaches. get in quality sparring and non-title fights against experienced american / south american journeymen. (Unfortunately the last suggestion would never happen because promoters are terrified of their prospects getting an L)

Obviously not every boxer will be able to benefit from this due to financial reasons, but Iím sure promoters like ****** / Hennessey / Maloney can spare a few quid to make it happen for their top prospects. maybe then we'll have more than 2 boxers at a time who can be remotely considered "world class".
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