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Default Re: practicing defense alone

Thank you guys a lot of great info. I always practice my defense when shadow boxing and heavy bag. My main concern is that I essentialy have "good defense" in theory because i am able to perform slips, bob and weaves, parrys, etc pretty smoothly, with pretty good form, decently quick and they transition well when im shadow boxing. but I basically have "karate syndrome" just in boxing. where as i have no realistic defensive work. I purely do it against the air but never against a live opponent. I am going to buy a double end bag and start to use that to work on my defense. AS far as my ambitons are concerned i love boxing so im happy just hitting the bag if that is all i can do. but i definetly am interested in being able to defend myself as well(which is why i need some sort of defense simulation), but i definitely am not trying to become a pro fighter and cant imagine myself having any future amateur fights, but mayby down the road(but i will obviously join a real gym before then), I would like to practice this defense tho so when i go home to my old gym i will still be able to spar with some of the less good kids.
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