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Default Re: Looking to reminisce.

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
None of them are fun, there is pain involved in each. George fights. He pushes a strong pace, fight and sparring. He's always working, throwing, doing something, and I didn't ever get the sense in training that he was ever pulling punches.

BUT I was also young, and intimidated. With age and experience I'm sure it'd have felt different.
This is a dumb and insignificant question, but I'll waste your time while you wait.

Who was the loudest when punching that you've experienced? I always found it a bit odd that some fighters are relatively quiet when punching, yet others sound like they're being stabbed whenever they throw a punch.

I know that from the time I spent around Holmes in the gym that whenever he'd hit the heavybag, every punch had a loud grunt to go along with it. The grunts were just as loud as the big thuds that resounded off of the bag when he'd hit it.

I know Frazier used to also give out loud grunts as he dug into his oponents.

I always figured Foreman would be similar to Frazier and Holmes with giving a loud grunt with every shot.
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