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Default Re: Looking to reminisce.

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Just a brief question about mit work (highly subjective)....

When you hit the mits do you throw your punches as if you were fighting someone, or do you basically just tap the mit and work on throwing quick, light combinations on them?

I personally throw in between. Not as hard as I can, but I'm not just tapping it either.

This question arises from watching Hopkins doing mit work in preparation for his fight with Cloud in a few weeks.


Do you prefer to do it similarly or different than Hopkins? I personally do it different, but have done various things within the same workout ranging from mimicking a fight to doing a Mayweather-type routine.


Also, in sparring, how hard do you/did you usually go? Meaning, do you take it like Hagler and Frazier did and treat it as an actual fight, or did you prefer to do more what guys like Mosley and Ali did and just basically focus on working out your own weaknesses without trying to rip the sparring partner's head off?

Again, personally, I usually prefered somewhat lighter sparring although it actually gave my sparring partner the advantage because one of my better aspects of a fighter was my power, which became non relevant in light sparring. This doesn't mean I was a push over in sparring, there were many times where I ended up in what started out as light sparring but turned into a full fledged fight minus the judges at the end giving an official victory to someone.

I found gym wars more satisfying at the end than regular sparring (if I came out getting the better of it) but found regular sparring more beneficial to my skills.
It depends what you're working on, you can be working on speed, defence, mimicking boxing rounds or working on power.

What Hopkins is working on is mimicking a round, he's moving and hitting the pad when it comes up. It looks really slow though because as soon as the pad is presented you're meant to fire on it, Hopkins pauses a little, maybe because of pacing himself due to a lack of fitness or slower reactions or maybe he's just warming on up.

BTW even Mayweather uses the pads for power and combination work sometimes, the routine he generally does is to work on defensive reactions and speed
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