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Default Re: who's fault is it

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
whats your actual boxing experience?

the coaching question was purposely for my inexperience of coaching a corner

ive been in and out of boxing for years ,,done nothing to bragg about but i seem to have intelligence of making a boxer understand How ,,where,,when & why by doing defense offense & foot work drills

if you have an understanding of what your doing ,, maybe you will learn more

ive been coaching for the past year at the gym i first started at 12yrs old (I'm 40 ) ,,ive been stopped & ive stopped opponents in the post ,,

I'm not a bully coach i know how difficult boxing is ,,if a boxer loses there will be reasons why he lost & i will talk to him & tell him not to worried we will work on the problems still giving I'm confidence with some positives as well

The boxers ive watched from my gym ,,i will give them a A sheet of paper with positive & negative of there fight this depends on the style of boxer there fighting against

if i said i was a boxer thats won every competitions going would this make me a better coach

like **** would it ,,its about the coach & boxers have a understanding with trust when entering the ropes

judge me on my inexperience in the corner lets see how single minded you are
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