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Default Re: Post Your Pic/Talk About Anything Thread

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan View Post
I had some friends years ago who worked at an Alaskan lodge in the summer. They invited me up to visit for a week, and I got to do all the tours for free, eat for free, all of it. The best thing of that whole week was sitting in the bridge of the tour boat with the captain and my friends as a humpback whale breached the surface. Spec-****ing-tacular.
That's sick. Closest I've come to anything like that was when I was a kid at Sea World.

Which is a cool place, *******s...

Originally posted by Turbotime
**** the sea dude. Way too much down there.
Deep-sea is crazy. Inhabited by nothing but literal demon-monsters looking to **** your dreams. It's like some demented 7-year old imagined these things into creation...
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