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Default Re: Beginner,signed up for fight!

Congratulations. What are the terms of this 'white collar bout'.

A trainer here in Blackpool used to put on shows like this. Despite very little experience in the sport he would charge individuals 2000 to be put on a show. They would train and then spar in front of their work colleagues.

There would be about 8 fights on with approximately 12 paying the two grand each.


He would then change 50 a ticket for the boxers work colleagues and your talking good attendance here - prob around 800 people.


He would then rent a ring and a MC


He would do a deal with the venue for them to share profits on alchol sold.

??? Profit.

This would in all likelihood supersede the cost of renting the venue. He would then make a nominal donation to a charity of like 200 so they could use the charity logo on the posters and to help sell items in the auction.

It's a great business model.
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