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Default Re: My 12th amateur fight ! (video)

You fought a good fight. I like the way you took your time and picked up the pace. A few things I noticed...
1) you don't get your left shoulder low enough when you hook to the body.
2)you keep your right elbow away from your body. As a result, you don't shoot the right hand- the elbow being up breaks the line of the body so you kind of wave it a lot of the time.
3) you get a lot of weight up on the front foot sometimes. You are looking for your left hand, fair enough, but you also get your feet pretty far apart a little too often. Then, when you throw the hook, your weight doesn't get back onto your right foot. So you aren't getting full value on the left hand, and it cheats your right hand, because you aren't transfering the weight forward. It kind of gets hung up in the middle, if I'm making sense.
Good stuff, though. Spend some time in the gym working on your feet. Try keeping them under your shoulders as opposed the an 'A' shape. You'll move faster and get your weight shifted on your punches faster and more effectively.
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