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Default Questioning whether or not to continue boxing...

I just got laser surgery done on a torn retina yesterday, and I was in emerge for a pretty bad concussion back in november. But the thing is, Ive only been boxing since september, about 6 months, and I havent even had my first fight yet, these are just training injuries. A brain injury and an eye injury, in 6 months of boxing. I was supposed to have my first fight this upcoming friday, but now obviously ive pulled out. I have coaches and training partners tell me all the time how naturally talented I am, and how far I could take the sport. Im handling very seasoned amateur fighters and professionals in sparring and have progressed extremely fast for a beginner, Id hate to have to give up so soon. What do you guys think? Where should I draw the line? I would hate to have to give up so soon without even seeing how well I could do in this sport.
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