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Default Re: Questioning whether or not to continue boxing...

Originally Posted by Spooner21 View Post
i do boxing at an mma gym, there are no boxing gyms here but they have an amateur boxing program. i spar literally every day i am in the gym,so about 3 or 4 days a week, and its rarely ever light. we arent forced to wear headgear, and yes, i spar exhausted quite frequently and when i do my head gets used as a speedbag and i just try to survive. theyll usually put a fresh guy in every round when i was getting close to a fight, or if they really wanna turn it up a notch a fresh guy every 30-60 seconds. unfortunately i have no access to any other gyms because i am here for school for 2 years, i do get along really well with my coaches tho, just question the training techniques...
bad news mate. I have been there myself training at an mma gym with a coach doing stupid sparring drills even though I got along with him outside of boxing. My advice is to just tell your coach you only want to spar once a week and when everybody else is sparring do shadow boxing or something.

Trust me, what you are doing is not just bad for you boxing but bad for your health. I know boxers from gyms like this who are punchy after hardly any fights.
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