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Default Re: Questioning whether or not to continue boxing...

Originally Posted by Spooner21 View Post
i do boxing at an mma gym, there are no boxing gyms here but they have an amateur boxing program. i spar literally every day i am in the gym,so about 3 or 4 days a week, and its rarely ever light. we arent forced to wear headgear, and yes, i spar exhausted quite frequently and when i do my head gets used as a speedbag and i just try to survive. theyll usually put a fresh guy in every round when i was getting close to a fight, or if they really wanna turn it up a notch a fresh guy every 30-60 seconds. unfortunately i have no access to any other gyms because i am here for school for 2 years, i do get along really well with my coaches tho, just question the training techniques...
Sparring hard every day,no headgear,exhausted and sparring?Get your things and get out of there cause your gonna be a vegetable.
I saw a kid here posting his sparring,they spar really hard with 10 0z gloves,that isnt healthy or methodical at all.What trainers allow that stuff??
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