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Default Re: Left hand stronger than right but right handed

I will bet you that you are doing one of these two things when you throw your right hand.
First, you are waving it, not shooting it. You can tell if you are doing this if you lift your elbow before you throw the right hand, and by which knuckles make contact when you land the punch. If you are making contact on the knuckles of the small and ring fingers, then you are swinging your right hand and it is an arm punch. Almost always.
Second, you are fouling up your footwork. Either you step with the jab and then throw the right, but don't bring up your right foot when you step, or, when you throw your left hook, you are throwing it off your front foot, not getting the weight back onto your right leg. When that happens, your hook will feel strong, but your right hand will be lacking because your weight isn't moving with the punch.
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