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Default Re: Dana White: Jose Aldo is refusing to fight Anthony Pettis

I think the UFC is getting ****ing ridiculous with these championship fights. The ONLY time a guy should come from another weightclass, and jump the line, is when it's Champion vs Champion.

What White is going to "force" Aldo to fight Pettis, but NOT force GSP/Anderson or Anderson/Jones? Makes no sense.

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see this fight. But the intergrity of the weight divisions is getting destroyed. How much does it suck for the guys who are working their asses off, getting win after win but can't get a damn title shot because people keep jumping the line.

Edgar should not have gotten the title shot.
Pettis should not get the title shot.
Sonnen should not be getting the title shot.
Diaz should not be getting the title shot.

The 1st 4 title shots of 2013 (Male) haven't been earned and are unjust to other fighters in the division.
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