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Default Re: *** The official 2012/2013 NBA season shootaround ***

Originally Posted by puertorricane View Post
Miami doesnt have more talent this year than last if anything they are worst because wade is older and slower and not the same he was in his prime. And the same goes for ray allen, rashad lewis, battier, mike miller. The heat have the best player in the league in lebron, a great player in bosh. A great player that in wade that is not the same he was in his prime and a bunch of old has beens and role players. Yet people dont want to give spoelstra any credit. When they win lebron bailed him out when they lose is his fault, is ok because once he wins another title he'll be set and will have a job somewhere in the league for 20 yrs.

The chemistry is clicking and they are playing more efficiently than last year. Wade is not slower than he was last year. He is quicker.
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