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Default Re: *** The official 2012/2013 NBA season shootaround ***

Originally Posted by Sister Sledge View Post
There is a difference in being in your prime and being on the slide. Wade is quicker than he was last year and seems as quick as he ever was. I don't think he's lost a step yet, and he seems to have gotten his wind back. For the past two years, he has taken time off in games and coasted. Even at the beginning of this season he coasted. Maybe it was all the nagging injuries. Maybe is was a lack of dedication and conditioning.
Whatever is was, he's playing like the 2nd or 3rd best player in the league now. Beside Waiters toasting his ass, he has been the best defender on his team over the last month, and Lebron seems to be more interested in padding his stats while Wade has stepped up his game.
I'm not saying anything bad about Lebron, because he has carried the team this year, so there is no shame in riding Wade now, because Wade has done the same to him. They are playing great together.
The thing I like about them playing together now is that they are both getting high percentage shots.
If Bosh kicks it up a notch, there will be nothing to stop Miami.
How exactly is he padding his stats?

Btw Lebron is clearly a better defender than Wade. At the end of every close game in the 4th quarter he guards the opposing teams best player and has shut them all down (kyrie, kobe, harden etc...). Part of the reason the Heat have such a good record in close games.
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