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Default Re: Pure punching many top mma and k1 guys hit harder then boxers

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
yes i agree with everything your saying

but in k1 they use normal boxing gloves

but again i do find it odd sometimes
reading stats of a guy landed 203 power punches in 10 rounds
and his oppent only having a tiny mouse under his eye

no one can see-roll from that many shots
and no chin should be able to take that

his oppent is a human being not a cyborg

and some mentioned that a lot of mma fights end by subs
but alot of the subs come after a guy was hurt by a punch

Have you ever actually boxed, or even done MMA or kick boxing for that matter? In none of these sports would you throw every punch with full force, this requires a lot of loading up which will bgive your opponent time to avoid the attack, even more so in boxing where they are better at slipping. In boxing the competitors also have better punch resistance imo, but just because boxers will throw a lot of punches to score shots doesn't mean they don't have power. I don't watch much mma but in Rua vs Machida 1, didn't Rua land well over 100 punches and kicks all together?
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