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Default Re: Why Pride will always be greater > than UFC

Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
It's sort of funny. Scurla hates the UFC and describes it as like the WWE, yet Pride had far closer proximity to professional wrestling than the UFC ever has, look at it's production values, it's stages, it's walkouts, the fact it had crossover fighters/pro wrestlers compete,(yeah, yeah Brock) the fact it was owned by a professional wrestling company in the early days, the fact they fixed fights just like pro wrestling.

Oh, to the OP, if you think it's "good" that small fighters fought giant heavyweights dozens of pounds heavy than them; then you're a moron.
Firstly don't quote me or put words in my mouth rookie.

Secondly wasn't it the UFC not too long ago who had a former WWE Star as the face of the brand? Wasn't it Dana that has gone on record with his adulation of Vince McMahon? How many fighters past and present do you think there's been in the UFC that come from a pro-wrestling background?
What about when they gave Shamrock the 'push' as the worlds most 'Dangerous man'. The same gimmick he had in the WWE?
And yet you have the audacity to berate the pageantry of PRIDE who willfully acknowledged their Pro-Wrestling roots?
Go on humour me how many fixed fights can you name seeing as that appears to be the crux of your argument? You're either an accomplished troll or a spokesmen for that idiot Haggis. Everything with you cheer leaders is the UFC vs everyone else as though you have shares in the f'in company. Tool. Get back in your box.
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