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Default Re: Why Pride will always be greater > than UFC

Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
I like pro-wrestling, love it even. But I have heard you bash UFC alot, associating it with wrestling and using WWE as a pejorative while comparing the two organizations.

Quite a few fights were fixed. Coleman Takada being one, Sakuraba Belfort another.
Thats because its a legitimate comparison. You on the other hand have chosen to ignore the ECW-esque overtones and story lines that were NOT present in PRIDE, but are readily present in the UFC as it trys to sell its fights. Convenient aye...
Now i want you qualify 'quite a few'. As apart from Coleman Takada which if i remember correctly was called by Bas and the Fight professor who at the time couldn't understand why Coleman appeared to be throwing the fight, I sure as **** don't remember any others. And yet this is an oft repeated 'fact' by UFC cheer leaders.
As for Sakuraba Belfort being fixed you're talking out of your ass. There was nothing fixed about that fight and there is not a shred of conclusive evidence that backs up your assertion.
So hit me with the hee and give me these 'quite a few' examples.
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