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Default Re: Why Pride will always be greater > than UFC

Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
Are you kidding? Watch Belfort-Sakuraba. Belfort doesn't throw a single punch and flops into guard so many times and just lies in the ring on his back with Sakuraba kicking his legs. Fake fight for sure.

Here look what seasoned vet Gary Goodridge has to say about early Pride

Liddell talking about Pride fixed fights

Virtually every fight Takada won was a fix.
Also Quinton-Sakuraba was meant to be a fix but Quinton didn't play along. What normally happened is one guy thought the fight was legitimate and the other was told to lose. Sakuraba thought it was real but Quinton was told to go down. I suspect that's what happened between Sakuraba-Belfort.

It's sherdog but heres a wealth of information on fixed fights in pride
Right so your evidence is a thread from Sherdog...
Iv got work to do skippy. Don't waste my time.

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