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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

courtesy of Tim Starks -

Hi Rob. Thanks for your questions. Happy to answer.

–We did not put a vote together on Adamek-Cunningham, nor did we nullify any results. To get a sense of where that rule applies, we did put together a vote on Pacquiao-Bradley, and therefore ranked Pacquiao ahead of Bradley despite Bradley’s official win. The board decided that Cunningham’s “close loss” was sufficiently impressive to warrant a top 10 ranking, but only barely. He was removed from the rankings to make way for Tony Thompson as of this week.

–Huck’s ranking was a matter of considerable debate by the board. He narrowly retained the position he holds because of his overall resume. Hernandez also owns some “dodgy” wins. I respectfully disagree with you on Wlodarczyk. He’s beaten some top cruiserweights.

–Bellew performed well against #5 Cleverly.

–Oos’ resume isn’t exceptional, but all the men you mention aren’t more distinguished. There was some board debate about whether Bika should be ranked higher, but Groves’ best win is over a prospect, Dirrell hasn’t beaten a quality smw in years, Magee has been crushed twice in his meetings against quality smws over the past three years. Stevenson hasn’t beaten any major, major opponents either, which is why he is barely in the top 10.

–Disagree with you on the middleweights. Sturm was considered for removal entirely following his loss to Soliman, but we deferred to his long record as one of the best couple middleweights in the world for him to retain top 10 status. Since Soliman just beat him, he had to be ranked higher than Sturm. And Murray fought Sturm to a draw during that aforementioned period as one of the best couple middleweights in the world.

–Lara above Alvarez was one of the most heated debates when we began our rankings. There’s a case for either man there; Lara has contended on even or slightly better terms with a number of top jmws, while Alvarez has definitively beaten some lesser jmws. Alvarez can definitively prove he should be above Lara with one more quality win, perhaps this summer.

–Ortiz has been another close call for potential removal. His status in the rankings is, indeed, shaky. But he beat a then-highly rated Andre Berto, lost to the best fighter in the world then fought on even terms with a boxer (Lopez) who proved he was a top welterweight in that fight, too.

–Peterson beat Khan. Some will dispute that, but Khan has subsequently lost his next fight, too, so any close call on there previous fight should go to Peterson rankings-wise.

–Junior lightweight is a weak division. Ao’s loss to Diaz was a “bad loss” and he was deducted suitably for it.

–Burns and Broner are a coin flip. The Board went with Broner because of the definitive way in which he beat then-#1 DeMarco. If Burns beats Vazquez definitively next month, it would be hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve the #1.

–Carl Frampton beat Kiko Martinez and Steve Molitor, in particular. No one beneath him has done anything more exceptional of late.

–Garcia’s bout with Gutierrez was, by my understanding, originally meant to be for a regional 108 pound belt. At such point it becomes clear that Garcia intends to fight at 112 pounds, he will be removed from the 108-pound rankings.
Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
Your rules state that

Although close losses and poor wins may be reflected in the rankings, the Board will refrain from nullifying the official results, with one exception: If over 75% of the Board agrees that the judges’ decision in a non-championship bout is egregious enough to constitute a “robbery,” then the official winner may be ranked lower than the official loser.

But Adamek is ranked ahead of Cunninghem and Chambers. Did you guys put a vote together?

Hernandez beat Steve Cunningham who beat Marco Huck. But Huck is No. after draws and dodgy wins of Firat Arslan and Ola Afolabi. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk is also to high.

Tony Bellew should not be top 10 at light heavy.

Who has Thomas Oosthuizen beat to be ranked so high, above Bika, Dirrell, Groves, Magee? Why is Adonis Stevenson top 10?

Sam Solmion, Felix Sturm and Martin Murray should not be top 10.

How can Lara be ahead of Alvarez?

Ortiz shouldn't be top 10.

Peterson shouldn't be ranked ahead of khan.

Burns shouldn't be No.2 at Lightweight.

How can Vitali Tajbert be ranked No.5 when he lost to your No.10 ranked fighter who has since lost to your No.9 ranked fighter, and since then has fought only 6 rounders?

Who has Frampton beaten to be ranked No.5?

Raul Garcia has moved up and fought at the Light Fly limit.
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