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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Appreciate the rankings. My issue is there appears to be no consistancey. You rank some fighters based on a good loss, and others you don’t consider. You rank fighters that have lost and performed badly consistantley and others you drop after one loss.

You guys need to be clearer about how important it is to have done things in the past year, and when wins stop counting towarda a resume. Example, Dirrell hasnt done anything for 3 years but before that he beat AA and Froch. But Adamek & Sturm have spent 3 years losing and getting gifts and stay ranked?

Wlad should be champ at HW but thats another argument. Adamek vs Cunningham and Chambers were robberies as bad as Pacquiao vs Bradley.

Hernandez beat Cunningham who beat Huck! Tarver also has no place in the top 5!

No doubt Bellew performed well against #5 Cleverly, but you can’t honestly rank him ahead of Jurgen Braehmer or Fonfora. Dawson is coming of a loss and will have gone a year without defending his title soon will be be stripped?

This is where the consistancy factor comes in. In other divisons Magee & Dirrell would still be ranked. Groves win over DeGale and Johnson are better than Oo’s.

Sturm needs be out of there. His last 5 fights he has 2 losses, 2 draws and a win at best. You can’t rank Martin Murray based on a draw vs Sturm who went on to do **** all after. His best win is Nick Blackwell!

–Lara above Alvarez was one of the most heated debates when we began our rankings. There’s a case for either man there; Lara has contended on even or slightly better terms with a number of top jmws,

I think if a fighter tests posative for PED’s and faced any kind of ban they should be removed until they return and prior wins should be forgotten.

Ao’s loss to Diaz was a “bad loss” and he was deducted suitably for it……but you still have Tajbert ranked ahead of them both? Come on mate you guys messed up here and Tajbert needs to be out.

Broner, Burns, Vasquez & Abril are coin flips I agree. Abril needs to be ahead of DeMarco. Did you not count Abrils win over Rios?

Carl Frampton beat Kiko Martinez and Steve Molitor, who had lost to Takliani Ndlovou, who lost to Ajlejandro Lopez, who lost to Jonathan Romero. Those 3 should be ahead of Frampton. Quiggs win over Munroe also trumps Framptons. I am a HUGE Frampton fan but he isnt top 5 thats crazy.
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