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Default Re: Chauncy Welliver v Rohit Singh - April 19

Everybody in New Zealand wants to see if Rohit is the real deal. This Boxrec organization could be fake and wrong....Rohit is not the only man claiming Boxrec has their record wrong. Rob Calloway claims at least 7 more wins than Boxrec has....Rohit claims 18-22 more wins that Boxrec has. There are other famous fighters claiming things too. Boxrec has this guy with a loss but he says he is 22-0. Multi division champion not getting his credit.


The dude could really be 28-0 or 24-0. He's probably counting a bunch of Kimbo Slice affairs where he crushed dudes on the beach. If they paid him and his opponent to fight....then it was a pro win and his beach fights should be on Boxrec.

The Chauncy Challenge will expose Rohit or any other man in New Zealand for whether he is real or not. From **** talking arm wrestling champions to Rohit types to Susie Bill and David Tua.....You Can't Handle The Chauncy Challenge!

One NZ HW every Friday....Chauncy will pummel them all until only 1 HW is left standing in New Zealand!
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