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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
Boran, a question....why is it a rarity ? There is some deal among the top fighters to not kick the legs too much ? I heard that somewhere....
Good choice of avy Vic.

In the west a stoppage via low kick has become a very common occurrence that people have got used to and associate very heavily with MT. When Thais started to get flown to West to fight in the 80s & 90s they used the low kick to full effect to negate the heavily hand orientated westerners of the era who relied a lot on boxing techniques and tended to bounce around like boxers, easy pickings for a Thai with a semi decent low kick. The way these "quality"westerners were routniely getting brutally demolished by basically one weapon kinda set up the western mythology of the "brutal MT low kick". This captured the western imagination, was focused on in every MT and kickboxing gym from Amsterdam to Moscow and has since become a mainstay stoppage of not just the international MT fight scene, but K1 & now MMA. I'd say the main reasons for it's continued and regular success in the west is the lack of depth in the MT scene which can produce chronic mismatches, insufficient conditioning as well as the lack of technical experience of knowing how to deal with such an attack and how to comfortably take the fight into another realm or range.

The difference is in Thailand it's never been a particular specialty against Thais, it wouldn't work to focus on it, although some fighters have become famous for their low kick like the above mentioned Pornsaneh Sitmonchai, who mixes good hands with powerful low low kicks to devastating effect (you'll find that is very often the case, a good low kicker will usually have good hands, and is a master of mixing the two).Pornsaneh's one of thses guys where you know exactly what he's gonna do but he still manages to land it,every time! He just has the has this knack of being able to land it at will, a true low kick master, but he's an unusual throw back fighter, not the norm these days. You know exactly what he's gonna do but he still manages to land it,every time!

The Thai scene is also super competitive and very well matched with rank upon rank deep in each weight of highly technical fighters with almost superhuman levels of conditioning who as we all know have built up their conditioning and general ring smarts form a very young age. Due to their technical superiority being technical masters from pre teens Thais unlike most of their western counterparts are comfortable and super relaxed fighting in each of the many ranges MT offers you. Due to MT having 8 offensive weapons that can be deployed over such differing distances from long range kicks to up front and very personal elbows and inside knees it also offers you multiple escapes and spoiling techniques that offer you the chance to avoid getting dominated form one weapon alone, that's why stoppages in Thai MT are a relative rarity compared to say boxing or MMA. A stoppage via low kick is even rarer although does happen as it can be seen coming and is "relatively easy" to avoid in comparison to other weapons by just stepping out of range, limply lifting your leg to check, pulling your lead leg back and countering or walking into the fighter to engage in the clinch. There are of course are other foils to the low kick but those are just some simple examples. On the whole a well conditioned and well matched Thai fighter should have the skills and know how to avoid getting stopped in such a simple and dare I say it "novice" like fashion. When it does happen it tends to be inside 3 rounds with the kicker coming out unusually hard form the off catching the opponent "unprepared" for such an intense opening few rounds or when there is an equally unusual mismatch.

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Reason for that one though is that it was a squash match to open the show. Different levels.

Although next night at Lumpini saw a Thai championship belt, I think at 105lbs and there was brutal leg kicks there, and one ended the fight I think. The reigning champ' was stopped (going on memory here) Boran might remember.
Yeah, that's right Flea the Champ lost and it was a Thailand belt not a Lumpinee belt. Not In BKK right now so can't look at the card to find the fighters name to post a clip. But it'll be on Live Muay Thai guy channel, Friday the 8th Feb at Lumpinee. There was also another nice stoppage via elbow.

By the way lads, sorry I haven't been posting much in this or the other thread recently, lot's of travel as well as bandwidth have been a prob. Burma has basically zero internet speed. I've got some great photos and footage from the Somluck night I'll eventually post as well as some other stuff for the Burma thread and the ATG thread.
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