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Default Re: last nights fights on itv

Originally Posted by barneyrub
rawling and duke a4re just awful and ruin every fight, i couldnt believe the praise they gave skeltons holding and hitting round th eback of th ehead style, one of them starts off on a line and th eothe rblindly goes along with it so you only get their one biased point of view which is usually way off whats happening.
Rawling is too biased towards the english fighters for my liking, he even admitted so when at the end of one of the rounds during Khan v Limond he said "I must admit I am looking at the fight through Khan tinted spectacles, but some could argue Limond just done enough to win that round" Hes supposed to be impartial for crying out loud.

I must admit though I like McKenzie, hes biased too, like shouting at Cook to "COVER UP!" but he still tells it straight & calls a fight honestly.

Dukes OK in my book. So far.
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