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Default Re: Chauncy Welliver v Rohit Singh - April 19

Chauncy got called with less than 2 weeks notice....he fought the Olympic Gold medalist at 283 pounds with almost no training. He won the opening round and was even or very close early. He faded due to the way they cherry picked him.

So don't act like Chauncy is some coward who will not fight the best when they agree to fight. Everybody in New zealand knows he's been keen to see Dave Tua for the last half a decade. The damn guys cousin calls Chauncy and offers a measley 10 grand and Chauncy says yes. Phone never rings again and then Demetrice King is there to get the 10 grand instead........eventually he got it.

And Chauncy has worked for chump change as sparring partners to the best in the world. He's in Russia throwing down with Povetkin for peanuts. In Germany with all the guys like Huck and Helenius.....Valuev. Fight day isn't **** compared to everything that goes into getting ready and getting other people ready for fights. He's carried his share of spit buckets and has played punching bag for many a bad ****s.

And guess what.....Not 1 tale ever of Chauncy Welliver being knocked the F out in any camp.....he was beating Shannon Briggs **** at 17 man. Briggs tried to get Chauncy into the Kimbo Slice fight league before Kimbo was invented. Briggs lines Chauncy up at 17 with a street fight for cash in Miami. Then the cops come and Briggs runs the heck off and leaves Chauncy there.

You people talk about Alex Leapai.....yeah...he has more pure talent than Chauncy had to start with. But how many places did he go to get better? How many champions kicked his f;n **** day in and day out over the years? How many countries has he gone to fight in? Imagine what he could have been if he had put in half the effort of Welliver to improve himself.

Chauncy got everything he has because of 3 things......very hard work, ***** of steel, and the best chin in the history of all of boxing period.

If he had power hands to go with the rest of the package nobody could touch him. As it is now, not 1 single man is alive that can knock him down. Wladimir Klitschko could not knock him down. David Tua in his prime could not knock him down. Nobody in the history of boxing has enough power to drop him. And this includes body shots. Nobody in history takes a blow better upstairs or downstairs than Chauncy Welliver.
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