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Default Re: R.I.P Ramon Dekkers

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Foreign boxer. "Farang" means foreigner with light skin and “Nak Muay” just translates as “Boxer” and is used to refer to Muay Thai fighters, Boxers, Amateur Boxers, Wrestlers and “MMA” fighters alike. It’s been adopted in the West by guys who don’t speak Thai and has been used incorrectly for some time now outside of Thailand in the sense that it is used by westerners to refer to only Thai boxers.

“Nak” is just a Thai prefix used to show someone who has a vocation, you then combine it with the action and this makes the vocation For example:

Nak Rien = Student
Nak Turagit = Business man
Nak Tong Tio = Tour Guide
So in the fight world:
Nak Muay Thai = Thai Boxer
Nak Muay Sakon = Western Styled Boxer (Pro)
Nak Muay Samak Len = Amateur Western Styled Boxer
Nak Muay Baum = Wrestler and surprisingly MMA fighter.

If a black guy goes to Thailand would he be called a farang or is there a different name for him? If so what is it?
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