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Default Re: I am STILL a fat piece of ****

Originally Posted by Drunkenboxer View Post
Well, it's been three-odd years since my old fitness journal on ESB, and yes, I am still a fat piece of ****. Fatter, in fact. Once again, I have maintained a weight of roughly 115kgs (250lbs) around a lifestyle consisting of irresponsible eating and drinking, with sporadic efforts in the way of training. SO what I have held for the last three years was an uneven balance of fun/work, and need to nudge the scales. Even spent the time reading over my old posts in the my original thread. It genuinely made me crack a smile to read over my posts in which I reached personal goals. Then the inevitabel post in which I admitted to falling off the wagon. So much hard work so flippantly undone.

So here it is! My last-ditch attempt at kicking the bad habit. I've maken an iron clad promise to stick this ****er out for 12 weeks, and record the whole ****ing thing here on ESB. If I **** this up, I'm officially quitting health and accepting my official position in life as a fat, potato sandwich eating ****!

WEEK 1: 25/2/2013

Weight: 122.5kgs (270.1lbs)

Wish me luck, gents.
Good luck to you! In that vein, here's what has worked for me (fyi, I am 53):
Weight, Aug. 1, 2011: 112 kilos (245 pounds)
Weight, March 1, 2013: 85 kilos (187 pounds).
Lost 27 kilos, goal is to get to 75 kilos by June 1, 2013.

You can do it.

Diet: Stopped eating desserts, entirely. No more pie/ice cream/cake after dinner. Stopped buying sugar. Cut sugar out entirely--no more sugar in coffee, iced tea, etc. Stopped buying and drinking soda (amazing how many calories per day that eliminates). High-protein, low-fat breakfast (egg whites, hooray). Fruit for snacks. High-protein dinner. Lunch is carrot salad, or a tuna fish sandwich on wheat. Diet is hugely important. Tough at first, for the first six months. Then your habits/taste change, and you're in the groove. By the way, dark chocolate (get the 50% to 70% cocoa dark chocolate) is great for your heart and satisfies the sweet tooth. Eat a banana and an orange every day, to replace the magnesium and potassium you'll be sweating out in the workout. And be sure to take fish oil and a multivitamin, daily. If you're a coffee drinker, drink black coffee. If you drink hot tea, don't put sugar in it, put honey in it.

Training: All training done in sauna suit. Can't jog anymore, due to knee injury, but luckily, can still use an exercise bicycle. I'll give you a week's typical training:

Six sets of pushups on fists, all done within 30 minutes. (25/set)
Six sets of crunches, all done within 20 minutes. (30/set)
30 min on the heavy bag (3 min on, 1 off)
40 min on the exercise bike

3-5 pm, SUN/TUE/THUR
Six sets of crunches, same as above.
40 minutes of windmills (4-count, total of 750, this is a great fat-burner and excellent for cardio)
1 hour on exercise bike (watch a movie or TV while doing this, time flies by)

Swimming is great and very easy on the joints, so if you've got a pool near you, try to swim every day. Also, chopping wood: I've got a fire pit, so I chop a fair amount of wood (chopping wood is great for cardio and over-all fitness, be careful with it as your heart rate will go up quickly). FYI, chopping wood is old-school boxing training, also--see Jack Johnson's training, Dempsey, etc.

It will hurt but nothing good comes easy. Stick to it and in less than two years, you will lose at least 25 kilos. Cheers.
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