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Default Re: WSB (World Series of Boxing) - Season 3

Round 2

Straight rights up top by Mytrofanov. Evans covers up and leans forward, trying to ram Mytrofanov away with his forearms. The result is Mytrofanov landing even cleaner with his power punches upstairs with Evans' hands out of position. BIG RIGHT HANDS by Mytrofanov. Evans is having very little success getting Mytrofanov's respect with his chopping counters on the backfoot. Relentless pressure by Mytrofanov. Big thumping body shots and clubbing overhands to the upper back and left side while Evans ducks against the ropes. Mytrofanov keeps hooking his way in and slashes Evans across the waistband as he's dancing by another set of ropes. HUGE LIVER SHOT BY MYTROFANOV!! EVANS BADLY HURT AND DOWN! Evans saved by the bell!!

10-8 Mytrofanov

20-17 Mytrofanov
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