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Default Multi Division Champion, and Super fights in the UFC

We know Pettis wants to fight Aldo, and if he wins he wants to fight Benson Henderson. Jose Aldo says if he beats Pettis he wants to go and get a title shot at Bensons belt. Benson Henderson said he wants to fight GSP. Then you got GSP who could fight Silva or Silva who might fight Jon Jones, and Jon Jones has said he wants to go to heavy weight soon.

IDK what to make of this. I know the whole GSP vs Silva has been talked about for a while now. And the Silva and Jones thing.

Im interested in the Pettis vs Aldo for the featherweight title, but i do think he should have a fight or 2 first. Lamas deserves it. But the whole weight moving thing with Aldo getting a title shot, im not a fan of it. Benson is wanting a super fight with GSP. Which I dont think happens anytime soon. Im not sure if Aldo want to take the Featherweight belt and have both but Pettis does. I don tlike that at all really.

I dont think champion should hop weight and get title shot instantly. Like 145 Lamas Finished Koch and now Pettis comes down and Lamas will have to fight again.

Dont get me wrong some would be great. But if seems like every champ wants to move weight.

Ive been thinking about it and thought i would just post and see what yalls opinion on the Super fight, and all the champions wanting to move weight in the future. If you think they should get an imediate title shot and what not.
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