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Default Re: most of paul williams' pitty pat was blocked

Originally Posted by JERMZ BOXING
paul "slap-on-gloves-then-octopus-grab" williams would've won if this were the amateurs...Margo has been on the shelf for too long... this obviously wasnt the Margo who Killed Cintron...BUT i think Cintron would DESTROY floyd, no cotto, Cintron alone can beat this freak
Yeah Margarito being on the shelf killed him....

I mean his last fight was December 12th, 2006 and poor Paul Williams last fight was November 11th, 2006....That must be it!

Do you ****ing think before you type? Or does Margo have to fight every 3 months to be "fresh"....He had a common layoff and had been in the ring more recently than Williams.....Paul was also on the longest inactivity period of his career, Margarito had longer layoffs against Clottey and Gomez, he previous two fights.....Keep digging though
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