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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Ok one is Samart. If I had to guess another is Kongtoranee. who is the last atg?
Samart, Kong peeking at the back on the right above Samart's shoulder and Sorasin Sit-Urn Paiom either first or second left or the far right, can't decide which. Sorasin was a two time Stadium champ.

Here here they are as champs with Legendary Kru Yodthong:

By the way while we're talking about Samart, Kru Yodthong passed away on the 13th of last month. Another sad day for Muay Thai, both Ramon Dekkers and Kru Yodthong passing away within a month of each other. We all know how Kru Yodthong lived for and gave everything to Muay Thai. He founded the famous Sityodtong camp and produced 57 champs including some of the greatest fighters the sport has ever seen as well as training many foreign fighters like Dekkers, Kamen, Hoost etc along the way. He also became a very recognisable early icon of the sport abroad and most importantly never missed an opportunity to pass on that wealth of knowledge to the next generation.

Kru Yodthong was also a quality human being to, I remember a story on the Thai news around 7 years ago. He won about 6 million baht on the Thai lottery, a massive amount of money in Thailand. 2 months later a news crew tracked him down for an interview and asked him how much he had left, he said only around 20,000 baht! He'd simple unselfishly given it away to whoever needed it or who had asked for it! He had no real need for money as he lived for the gym and his fighters, he lived a simple uncomplicated life centred on only MT.

RIP to one of the greatest trainers who ever lived Kru Yodthong Senanan in any era of combat sports.

here are some other photos including of Kru Yodthong's funeral:(Through a friend I had the chance to go to the funeral, but couldn't as I was in Burma.)

A pic of him talking to his 3 favourite champs mentioned above and an old pic from his fight days:
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