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Default Re: Julian Jackson v. Ronald Winky Wright

I'm a big fan of Winky and his ability, but I'll have to side with Mante on this one.

Winky's shell has barely able to contain the offense of Vargas, Simon and Taylor and of course Vasquez busted him up (prior to Winky developing a hardened shell).

Jackson's offense supersedes those guys so you'd have to think that he'd be able to land some damaging shots that swing the fight his way.

I don't see it being one sided, but it will likely go the way of the Vasquez fight in that Wright generally outboxes him but he'll get beat up and knocked down in patches and end up losing the fight by a good few points.

I won't say Jackson knocks Wright out because he did have a lot of heart, but he'll batter him in spots.

The counter argument of course is that Winky held up well against Tito who is a powerful offensive unit and will do the same against Jackson, but I think Felix was well beyond his best there and would have given a much better account of himself pre-Hopkins.
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