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Originally Posted by davidwatts View Post
i love watching hunt fight and i wanted him to win, however i agree that it was a little ridiculous at times.
struve never fights tall, he has a huge advantage but doesn't use it. plus hunt comes to the fight bigger than santa claus!
why the hell he doesn't realize that if he lost some weight then his cardio and speed would improve, i don't know.

it was frustrating that hunt chose to be on the mat so long, very concerning. yes he did survive, but he may not be so lucky next time.
typical samoan, a little thick!

one of the commentators said at the end of the fight that, 'we have a new contender in the heavyweight division.' errr, don't think so.
the better fighters[than struve] would dominate and pick him off imo. for example, jds is too quick for him, hunt isn't what you'd call an athlete really.
of course he has a puncher's chance against them all.
he is never going to be the champion though.
For someone who isn't an "athlete" he has done pretty well. Winning the ultimate kickboxing prize with the K1 open GP and carving out a solid MMA resume in his late 30s

If anything he is more of an athlete than these walking muscle ***** who cant do **** when it comes to MMA/kickboxing but look fit
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