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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Francesco Pianeta

Originally Posted by Berliner View Post
Again you have no clue about the situation! Pulev wont fight Wladimir as a Voluntary and already said that he wants another fight before he will fight Wladimir!
Adamek? Would be even more **** than Pianeta! And I dont think that he wants to fight Wladimir! Because he knows that he would get his ass beaten very bad.
Haye? After his last performance? Why should he give Haye a rematch? He won clearly no need for another fight against Haye. Povetkin.... he will fight Povetkin this year I am pretty sure about that! Thompson? Hmm NO! He got KOed two times no need for a third!
Fury? He wants to get mandatory he would be plain stuipid to fight Wladimir as a Voluntary (gets more money as a mandatory)
Solis and Helenius Solis has to get in shape first! He looked very shot against Airich! Noway he would be better than Pianeta at the moment! Helenius has to look if his arm his good enough for boxing! He has a match against Sprott!
So I dont think it is that easy for Wladimir to get a better opponent than Pianeta... Also Pianeta is not that bad how people make him!
again, just pick someone from the top 10 and make a reasonable offer.

that's all he has to do.
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